Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Best Centre for Successful Gynaecological Treatment

Saraogi hospital is a centre for Successful Gynaecological Treatment providing comprehensive & complete treatment for all Women related ailments.

A Woman’s body is distinctively different from a man’s body. A lot of cyclical hormonal changes  oocur in a  woman’s body, and this has a direct impact on both the physical and mental well-being of the woman. Changes in body hormonal levels. with age have various physical manifestations in the woman, such as menstrual irregularities as well as recurrent urinary and vaginal infections This is in addition to mental ailments like depression and irritability. The specific problems pertaining to the female reproductive system, are called as gynaecological problems. These physical disorders in turn have an impact on the mental health of the woman too. Ignoring gynaecological problems may lead to various types of complications. Hence for the best gynaecological treatment, care and advice, one needs the gynaecologist in Mumbai.

It is not really difficult to find a gynaecologist in Mumbai these days. In a growing city like Mumbai, it is quite obvious that several small clinics, hospitals and nursing homes will have mushroomed which provide  gynaecological treatments. However, when it comes to finding the best gynaecologist in Malad, or the best gynaecologist in Goregaon West, things become a little trickier. A good gynaecologist can often come to a diagnosis on history taking and basic physical examination alone, often avoiding lengthy and expensive investigations. Gynaecological ailments often have multiple treatment options which only a good gynaecologist can explain to you. Good gynaecologists, by virtue of their knowledge can often avoid unnecessary surgical procedures by offering conservative treatment alone. This alone emphasises on the need for approaching a  good gynaecologist for all women's problems.

At Saraogi Hospital, you will get the best gynaecological treatment solutions from the most credible, experienced and skilled gynaecologists. Each Gynaecologist in our panel of doctors in the hospital has years of experience behind him/her and has treated 1000’s of patients literally. The centre has 35 years of crediblility behind it with a sterling reputation for quality.. Saraogi Hospital in Mumbai is known for its excellence in rendering seamless treatments to various gynaecological, obstetric & infertility related problems. The state of the art infrastructure and equipment is the best available in today’s times. From regular gynaecology disorders to critical diseases – from maternity treatment facilities to new born child care – Saraogi Hospital is one of the leading and most trusted centres in Mumbai for all sorts of problems related to woman's health care. Here are the reasons why Saraogi Hospital is considered as the best place for consulting the best Gynecologist in Mumbai:

  • State of the art infrastructure & equipment for patients to provide them the best treatment facilities
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification for providing quality health care services
  • Technology oriented and modernized gynaecology centre, where patients can expect solutions for all sorts of gynaecology disorders
  • Experienced team of doctors along with other skilled medical staff to provide flawless treatment.
  • Round the clock availability of a gynaecologist and support staff
  • Comprehensive treatment centre with everything under one roof – such as Gynaecology, Obstetric, Laparoscopy, Infertility centre, IVF centre, gynaec ultrasonography centre & Blood Collection Centre.
  • Screening  tests for various gynaecologicla and obstetric disorders
  • Reputed and the most trusted Gynaecologist in Andheri, Malad, Kandivali & Goregaon.

Services at Saraogi Hospital
All gynaecological services are provided by the experienced and professional gynecology hospital in Malad at Saraogi Hospital. This medical care centre is especially dedicated to address various critical as well as non-critical gynaecology related disorders.
Some of the gynaecological problems that are addressed at Saraogi Hospital are :

  • Seamless surgical processes with critical care and attention. For example, Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus ) and Myomectomy (removal of fibroids) are some of the surgical processes that are carried out under the vigilance of expertise medical team.
  • Laparoscopic surgical procedures. Our panel of doctors has the best laparoscopic surgeon in Mumbai to carry out all surgical procedures such as laparoscopic hysterectomy, myomectomy etc.
  • Treatment and management of Endometriosis. Endometriosis is the ectopic implantation of endometrial tissue at sites other than inside the uterus. i.e. ovary peritoneum, etc.
  • Removal of ovarian cysts through safe surgical process, using latest technologies
  • Removal of genital warts
  • Treatment of gynaecological cancers like endometrial, cervical and ovarian cancers
  • Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • IVF & test tube baby centre, semen analysis, surrogacy, Donor insemination centre & IUI centre
  • Gynaecological Sonography and Follicular Monitoring.
  • PAP smear and vaccination for preventing cervical cancer.

All Of the above make Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF Centre the the most trusted centre in the suburbs having the best gynaecologist in Malad west.