Friday, 29 April 2016

Find The right IVF Center To Take care ofInfertility problems of Women

Here Saraogi hospital& Iris IVF Centrewasrecognizedwith the objectiveofproviding thebestobstetric, endoscopic, andinfertility service in the varoiusparts of the Mumbaiit was establishedin theyear 1980& has sinceremaineda constant centre for excellence for providingwomen health care.
Theydeliver the reliableandmultidisciplinaryhealth caretopatients & believe in an open communication channelwith thepatient. Therefore, if you have to search out for the ivf centers in Mumbai, which provide better service., Iris IVF centre at Saraogi Hospital is the place to visit.

There are various reasons for people to hire such service sin the Mumbai.IVF or In Vitro Fertilization and ICSI ( Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection ) are synonymous with test tube babies.

They are the only fertility options for a variety of patients such as those having bilateral tubal blocks or patients having azoospermia ( i.e. a complete absence of sperms in semen ). It remains the second line treatment for women having endometriosis, failed IUI cycles or women with unexplained infertility in whom all other treatment modalities have failed.

All in all test tube babies is a miracle cure for a large number of women desiring pregnancy & IRIS IVF CENTRE at saraogi hospital is one of the best places in Mumbai to get it done.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Find The most ExperiencedObstetricians & Best Maternity HospitalsTo Obtain TheBest maternityTreatment

Gettingpregnantis a specialfeeling forboth parents. Henceit isnecessary to find outthe best doctor to take care ofthe pregnant womanandthe unborn child. This is wheresaraogi hospital comes into play as one of best maternity hospitals in Mumbai. Not only does it provide state of the art antenatal services but it also provides good pediatric and vaccination support to the babies as well.Saraogi Maternity and General Hospital can boast of providing a number of unique pregnancy related services such as painless delivery, NST and CTG ( electronic fetal heart rate monitoring )& Cashless facility and mediclaim services to ease the process of your delivery and childbirth.

The USP of the hospital has been to provide one of the best obstetric services in Mumbai, without actually burning a hole in your pocket. The centre has a team of 4 obstetricians who are constantly accessible and easily approachable. Established in 1980, the centre has 36 years of credible service to its name and several thousand deliveries and surgeries to its credit.

The centre specializes in high risk obstetric cases such as previous 1 or 2 caesarean section, cases with gestational diabetes mellitus or diabetes mellitus, and patients having pregnancy induced hypertension or intrauterine growth retardation ( IUGR ). The centre tackles all types of obstetric cases on a daily basis Hence ifyou are searching  out for maternity hospitals In Mumbai come to Saraogi Hospital to obtainbetterservices ataffordable prices.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Surrogacy – often a last resort pregnancy option for women.

Surrogacy is a process which requires carrying the pregnancy in the uterus of a woman other than the biological mother. It is often a last resort option for pregnancy for a number of infertile couples – such as those who have a non receptive uterus, or adhesions within the uterine cavity or who for whatever reason may have undergone a hysterectomy. A number of women who have suffered from tuberculosis also may not have a receptive uterus and may have to undergo surrogacy.

Childless couples all across the world used to come to India to seek the joy of having their own baby through surrogacy. However lately surrogacy is now a privilege of Indian citizens alone who can avail this service.  In India, there are lots of surrogacy options which are available.A lot goes into a surrogate pregnancy such as having a reliable surrogate, a good lawyer to ensure seamless transactions, a good surrogate home, a reliable third party person who will monitor the activities of the surrogate as well as a good infertility specialist who will do the IVF procesure. The choosing of Surrogacy centres in Mumbai involves making a careful choice. This is why we recommend IRIS IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital which specializes in surrogacy treatment options. We ensure a smooth surrogacy process and have a dedicated team of specialists who ensure a hassle free experienceLegally, After the child is born, the surrogate would not have any right over the children. This child will continue to grow of with his biological parents and sustain happiness in their life. So, it is very easy for the couples to get baby by using surrogacy with the help of centres like IRIS IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Get High Class Medical Service For The Pregnant Women.

Saraogi hospital is one of the popular hospitals, which takes carevof pregnant women in
Mumbai. This hospital was launched in 1980 to offer first class gynecological as well as obstetric
treatment. The hospital also offers infertility services, test tube baby services, surgical health care
service, endoscopic surgery service , neonatal service and much more. This hospital is well
committed & equipped to take care of the patient and the baby with the additional care. The
communication between the patient and hospital is open so as to create a more comfortable
environment for the patient & ensure transparency in the process.

Saraogi hospital offers major services in women’s health care such as gynecological, obstetric ,
cancer screening, MTP, abortion , laparoscopy , infertility service , gynecological well being and
other additional service . additionally it includes the neonatal health care service as well. Here
the doctors are committed to your well being making it the right hospital in Mumbai for
womaens health care. The hospital offers affordable health care solutions for women. To get
additional information, the patient has to view the official website that holds the plenty of the
information about the services. Patients can avail the facility of booking an appointment online

with the doctor.