Thursday, 28 April 2016

Find The most ExperiencedObstetricians & Best Maternity HospitalsTo Obtain TheBest maternityTreatment

Gettingpregnantis a specialfeeling forboth parents. Henceit isnecessary to find outthe best doctor to take care ofthe pregnant womanandthe unborn child. This is wheresaraogi hospital comes into play as one of best maternity hospitals in Mumbai. Not only does it provide state of the art antenatal services but it also provides good pediatric and vaccination support to the babies as well.Saraogi Maternity and General Hospital can boast of providing a number of unique pregnancy related services such as painless delivery, NST and CTG ( electronic fetal heart rate monitoring )& Cashless facility and mediclaim services to ease the process of your delivery and childbirth.

The USP of the hospital has been to provide one of the best obstetric services in Mumbai, without actually burning a hole in your pocket. The centre has a team of 4 obstetricians who are constantly accessible and easily approachable. Established in 1980, the centre has 36 years of credible service to its name and several thousand deliveries and surgeries to its credit.

The centre specializes in high risk obstetric cases such as previous 1 or 2 caesarean section, cases with gestational diabetes mellitus or diabetes mellitus, and patients having pregnancy induced hypertension or intrauterine growth retardation ( IUGR ). The centre tackles all types of obstetric cases on a daily basis Hence ifyou are searching  out for maternity hospitals In Mumbai come to Saraogi Hospital to obtainbetterservices ataffordable prices.

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