Monday, 25 April 2016

Surrogacy – often a last resort pregnancy option for women.

Surrogacy is a process which requires carrying the pregnancy in the uterus of a woman other than the biological mother. It is often a last resort option for pregnancy for a number of infertile couples – such as those who have a non receptive uterus, or adhesions within the uterine cavity or who for whatever reason may have undergone a hysterectomy. A number of women who have suffered from tuberculosis also may not have a receptive uterus and may have to undergo surrogacy.

Childless couples all across the world used to come to India to seek the joy of having their own baby through surrogacy. However lately surrogacy is now a privilege of Indian citizens alone who can avail this service.  In India, there are lots of surrogacy options which are available.A lot goes into a surrogate pregnancy such as having a reliable surrogate, a good lawyer to ensure seamless transactions, a good surrogate home, a reliable third party person who will monitor the activities of the surrogate as well as a good infertility specialist who will do the IVF procesure. The choosing of Surrogacy centres in Mumbai involves making a careful choice. This is why we recommend IRIS IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital which specializes in surrogacy treatment options. We ensure a smooth surrogacy process and have a dedicated team of specialists who ensure a hassle free experienceLegally, After the child is born, the surrogate would not have any right over the children. This child will continue to grow of with his biological parents and sustain happiness in their life. So, it is very easy for the couples to get baby by using surrogacy with the help of centres like IRIS IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital.

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